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07/29/12 -North American Safari celebrates its 17th season on TV. North American Safari has been having its works nationally televised for 16 seasons now. They have not just risen the bar, but created many bars along the long humbling journey.

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North American Safari started it’s humble roots in 2004 with a few $500 video camera’s and buddies filming hunts for TV. In the 2012 – 2013 season, they have become one of the most innovative hunting shows on national TV today.

It’s sister company, Nature Productions has become a premiere production and closed captioning company for all the major networks including The Sportsman Channel, Outdoor Channel, Pursuit Channel Wild TV and NBC Sports. Since 2009 nature Productions has racked up 21 awards including its latest Sportsmen Choice Award for The Bear Whisperer.

Head hitman Blaine Anthony is the brainchild and has lived, breathed and risked everything to make the dream come true, the dream thousands dream, making a living hunting and working in the outdoor industry. Known in the outdoor world as “The Bear Whisperer”, Blaine grew up as a military brat, traveling the globe with his family. As a young man driven for success, he immediately entered the school of hard knocks and began to make his mark as a businessman. After catching the hunting bug, he retired the suits for camo and decided he would make a living in the outdoors, or die trying.

He immediately became a registered guide and started taking clients on bear hunts in Maine and traveled the world hunting himself, learning everything first hand. After 12 years of guiding, he made the plunge into television and once again risked everything to finish the dream buying time nationally on Sportsman Channel.

With the support of his wife and kids, putting up with as much heartache as Blaine did, Blaine now makes his living in the outdoors. As the seasons, shows, and partners progress you never know where Blaine will be next or what new innovative idea’s you will see from week to week. The Hitmen camp will continue raise the bar every year and bring a new level of entertainment to the outdoor TV industry as they continue to lead as they have over the past 8 years.