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09/07/11 -North American Safari has been having its works nationally televised for 16 seasons now. They have not just risen the bar, but created many bars along the long humbling journey.

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Page of North American Safari

Welcome to the brand new North American Safari Hitmen website. This is the main site for Blaine Anthony and the Hitmen. As the show has evolved over the past 16 seasons, they figured it was time to update the website.

The website is now more social media friendly for the 5000+ weekly hits they receive. So feel free to browse the site and join in!


Hitmen News

Just when you think it can't be done again,

North American Safari has come out with another unseen and award winning intro.

After winning the Sportsman Choice Award in 2011 with "The Bear Whisperer" intro, Nature Productions once again went against the grain and created yet another original concept which once again has The Hitmen raising the bar.

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